First Person From NSFW Telegram Group, SG Nasi Lemak, Pleads Guilty; Faces Up To Six Months’ Jail Or 20K Fine


To make space for the sheer amount of bad news we’ve had to take in this year, your brain might have erased all news pre-2020.

As a result, you might think that an NSFW Telegram Group named SG Nasi Lemak simply posts pictures of Nasi Lemak that are so mouthwatering it does unspeakable things to our bodies.

Such a group did exist (I’ll get to that later), but that’s not what we’re talking about in this article.

The SG Nasi Lemak we’re referring to is a now-defunct Telegram group chat that was used by Singaporeans to upload and share photos of women without their consent.

Now, nearly a year after the men behind the group were first caught, the case has a new development.

First Person From NSFW Telegram Group, SG Nasi Lemak, Charged

A man involved in the SG Nasi Lemak case pleaded guilty on Friday (18 Sep) to one charge under the Films Act after he was found with 462 obscene films in his possession.

20-year-old Justin Lee Han Shi was also slapped with two other charges last year of transmitting obscene pornographic materials and possessing obscene images, which will be taken into consideration for sentencing.


After receiving information that obscene content was being circulated on Telegram, the police raided Lee’s home in October 2019 and seized several electronic devices including three phones and a laptop, according to?CNA.

Lee then admitted that he was a member of the SG Nasi Lemak group.

CNA?reported that 1,131 images and 790 videos were found on Lee’s devices, including 462 obscene clips depicting sex acts.

Lee said he downloaded these files “for his personal consumption”, but admitted that he had forwarded obscene films to other members in the SG Nasi Lemak group after they’d asked for them.

Lee, who was 19 at the time, could be jailed for up to six months, fined up to S$20,000, or both for his crimes.

He will return to court for sentencing on 16 Oct.

SG Nasi Lemak, Ruining Nasi Lemak Since 2019

As previously mentioned, SG Nasi Lemak was a group chat on Telegram used by Singaporeans to share obscene images and videos of women without their consent.

The lewd content included pictures of unsuspecting women on public transport, screenshots from Instagram, and nudes.

Some nudes of young Malay women were even turned into custom Telegram sticker packs.

Yes, these people are revolting.

Fortunately, the police found the administrators of the disgusting group and arrested them.

Leonard Teo Min Xuan, 27, and Liong Tianwei, 38, were charged in Oct 2019 for transmitting pornographic materials.

Another man who was charged cannot be named as he was under 18 at the time of the offences.

The cases for these men are still pending.


Wholesome SG Nasi Lemak Group Created Soon After

In addition to sharing pictures of women without their consent, these men also dared to sully the good name of Nasi Lemak.

That’s why some Telegram vigilantes created a new group that posts actual pictures of Nasi Lemak soon after.


The group no longer exists, but it certainly helped us forget about the obscene group of the same name.

Sadly, there are still groups on Telegram sharing pictures and videos of women without their consent.

For those who think it’s acceptable to consume this content as long as you’re not a distributor, try empathising for a second.

How would you?feel if this happened to your girlfriend, sister, or friend?

There will always be creeps like the SG Nasi Lemak administrators. But if you follow such groups, you’re just as bad because you’re encouraging them to spread more content.


Think about the women in the photos, guys, not just your own pleasure.

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