After Years of Living With What I Thought Was Just a Random Hair Issue, I Finally Realised What the Culprit Was & the Impact It Caused

Images: From Tricho-Scan

Typically, one would associate hair loss with individuals in their 40s or 50s. Yet just over the past few months, I found myself losing more hair than usual, turning my daily hair care routine into a nightmare of shedding strands. I did not know that my problems had actually started building up a few years ago, way before I’ve even hit 30!

Image: Kimi Tan

I had no idea why this was happening to me because at my age (28!), my hair should still be perfectly healthy.

It might be my fault for dyeing my hair six times in just one and a half years… I realised that’s an average of once every quarter.

I felt that I needed an immediate solution to my hair worries. After doing my research and reading the raving Google reviews on TK TrichoKare, I quickly got to the root (pun intended) of my problem.

Image: Kimi Tan

After filling out a detailed questionnaire about my diet, lifestyle, and observations of my hair condition, I did a scalp scan analysis with a consultant at TrichoKare.

The Scalp Treatment That Changed Everything For Me

Using Tricho-Scan (up to 200 times of magnified scalp scan!), we discovered the culprit behind my hair loss!

Spoiler alert – It’s oxidised sebum, and apparently some of us would probably have this condition too!

Images: From Tricho-Scan (Pre-treatment)

Look at that gunk clogging my hair follicle!

And, are those white specks dandruff???

The TrichoKare consultant patiently explained to clueless old me – sebum , which is naturally produced to protect the scalp and hair, had actually mixed with impurities over a long period of time, forming wax-like deposits that clogged my hair follicles consistently. These plugs prevented new hair growth and resulted in my hair loss.

In addition, the buildup of sebum made my hair heavier and less voluminous, making my hair thin and brittle.

Similar to how normal facewash can’t get rid of pimples, whiteheads, or blackheads, normal shampoo can’t get rid of these dandruff-like flakes. You’ll have to visit the specialists at a hair and scalp treatment centre to get proper treatment for it.

After we had a look at my scalp, the consultant devised a customised treatment plan which includes herbal remedies formulated from a broad array of natural plant extracts to address my needs.

After this, the real work began.

Step One – Scalp Masque

The fact that they use natural herbal remedies during treatment is a big plus point for me.

Given that I have been going for dye jobs regularly, this philosophy was very reassuring as it could help to treat my hair and scalp issues without adding on additional chemicals to further deteriorate my scalp condition in any way.

What’s more, utilising natural premium European herbal remedies, they deliver the core essential nutrients that our scalps need.

To help combat my hair loss, a European Herbal Scalp Masque was applied to my roots.

With ingredients like lactic acid, vitamin E, white clay and essential oils, the refreshing masque aimed to clear my clogged pores, balance my scalp and reduce hair damage.

Image: Kimi Tan

After the masque was applied, the specialist massaged my head to fully enhance the absorption of the nutrients from the masque to my scalp.

The next part was my favourite.

I indulged in a very rejuvenating shampoo session using TrichoKare’s premium shampoo, Nourishing Hair Bath, accompanied by yet another blissful scalp massage.

As experienced first-hand myself, TrichoKare aims to provide a luxurious pampering session and they definitely delivered.

During the 2.5 hour session, every step was laboriously explained and carried out, making it well worth my time.

The combination of the warm water, massage, and scent of the shampoo nearly made me fall asleep. It was so therapeutic!

Step Two – Customised Treatment Essence

A customised treatment essence was then applied to my scalp with the support of modern technology – a high-frequency jet spray applicator called OxyJet.

The customised treatment essence prescribed to me contains a mix of olive oil extracts and saw palmetto to strengthen my follicles and prevent further hair loss – perfect for my condition.

Image: Kimi Tan

The application of the treatment essence to my scalp aims to slow thinning and promote thicker hair.

Using OxyJet allowed the essence to penetrate deeply into my scalp pores and nourish it with the rich nutrients needed for good growth.

Step Three – Photodynamic Therapy

The final step of the treatment was Photodynamic Therapy.

When the specialist rolled this machine over, it truly felt like I was in a sci-fi movie.

Images: Kimi Tan

This infrared technology promotes blood circulation and accelerates healing on the scalp, supporting growth and repair.

The soothing warm light, together with the heated pads on my shoulders, made for a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Post-Treatment Diagnosis

After the treatment, I could feel that my scalp was so much fresher, and my hair felt lighter and bouncier too after the removal of all the dirt and grime. I really felt my scalp and hair had been rejuvenated from the roots.

The consultant did a post-treatment scan on my scalp using the same Tricho-Scan and the effectiveness of the treatment was plain to see.

Images: From Tricho-Scan (Post-treatment)

Check out the difference! Look at how clean and moisturized that scalp looks now!

Image: From Tricho-Scan

There are literally no more white flakes, and the excess sebum clogging up my scalp pores is gone, allowing my follicles to breathe and naturally grow new, healthy hair again.

Of course, I did my own before-and-after comparison too!

Before treatment, I experienced significant hair loss when gently brushing. However, after TrichoKare, the difference was clear. Now, minimal strands fall out when I brush, a noticeable improvement.

Images: Kimi Tan

Additionally, any frizz from before has been completely eradicated, leaving me with smooth, silky hair.

Images: Kimi Tan (Pre-treatment)
Images: Kimi Tan (Post-treatment)

You Probably Face Hair Problems, Too

In Singapore’s humid climate, issues like hair loss, dandruff, and oily and itchy scalp are common concerns for both men and women.

The fact that TrichoKare doesn’t offer a one size fits all solution really levels up their expertise a lot by my standards.

In any case, it’s never too late to start caring for our hair and scalp. I’m glad I took action rather than facing more issues later on.

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This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with TK TrichoKare.