Man Threatened to Release His Married Lover’s Sex Video as She Refused to Celebrate His Birthday With Him


There are some things that you should have a say in when you’re celebrating your birthday.

For example, you should get the chance to decide which restaurant you’re headed to for dinner, what time you’re meeting up with your friends and things like that.

There are, however, still things that you probably shouldn’t get a free pass to do even if it’s your birthday.

Shocker, I know.

And something you definitely shouldn’t get to do is threaten to leak someone’s sex tape if they don’t want to celebrate your birthday with you, but that’s exactly what one man in Singapore did.

Just two days ago (18 March), the 30-year-old man was sentenced to eight months in jail after pleading guilty to one count each of voyeurism, threatening to distribute intimate recordings of the victim, and recording videos of another woman he had a sexual relationship with.

Another four similar charges were considered during his sentencing.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, here’s another bombshell: the videos were filmed without the woman’s knowledge or consent.

Woman Was Celebrating Fathers’ Day on that Day

Yes, that’s why she wasn’t free to celebrate his birthday with him.

The 26-year-old victim, who cannot be named due to a gag order, had previously told the man that she was not free on his birthday as she would be celebrating Fathers’ Day with her own family.

She told him that on 9 June last year, three days before the man’s birthday.

Instead of realising that her father > him in this case, the man did the exact opposite.

Out of frustration and anger, the man proceeded to threaten and harass her in various ways, such as by saying that he would put up “compromising” photos of her at her parents’ HDB block.

He said that he would carry out “surprises” for her, making her “regret” her choice for sure.

He also told her that he wished that the photos would give her elderly father a heart attack, given that the victim’s father had a history of heart attacks in the past.

The woman decided to block him on various social media sites due to his threats and actions. He then retaliated on 10 June 2021 by texting her and telling her that he would release clips of their intimate moments to her family members, including her parents, in-laws and husband.


How They Met

Both parties met by being colleagues in 2015 and started having an intimate relationship from end-2019 onwards even when the woman is married.

Back in May 2020, the victim found several obscene photos of herself and the man in the man’s phone. She confronted the man after deleting the photos, and he told her that he would delete any other similar photos.

She did not check through the rest of his phone as she trusted him.

How the Situation Unfolded

The man constantly texted her around the clock, threatening to turn a compromising photo of her into either flyers or notices for him to put up around her HDB block.

Hello, this one not property agent advertisement leh.


Apart from that, the man also told her that he would make sure the videos reached her husband’s office, that he would upload the videos online and that he would also get a man to find her parents at their flat for three days.

He even took a photo of the corridor outside her parents’ HDB flat to try and trick her into thinking that he would really tell her parents about the affair that they were having.

In fact, it was revealed that he “counted down the time to which he would distribute the videos to taunt her and cause her distress, (for example), Ur (sic) time is running out, anyway u only left with 7 mims (sic), 5 more mins, 4 more mins, 3 more mins, 2 more moms (sic), and last mins (sic)”.

Well, I got a headache just by reading that terrible spelling.

As he knew that her father had a heart attack in the past, the man also brought up how he would repeatedly show the sex tape to her father until “his heart cannot take it”, and that she would end up having to “call 995 for him”.

Additionally, he even sent the victim a screenshot of him nearly sending a video of her engaging in a sexual act to her husband.


The woman made a police report that evening due to how distressed she was.

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After being alerted to the case, the police raided the man’s home and seized two phones in the process.

Investigations later revealed that there was a video of the woman, who was completely unclothed, performing sexual acts with the man. Her face was also fully exposed in the video, which was filmed between February and March 2020 at his house without her permission or knowledge.

The police also found five other similar videos that were filmed in 2018, but here’s a plot twist.

The videos featured another woman.


The woman, who was also not aware of the fact that she was filmed, was the man’s ex-colleague.

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