Man Checked Out Everything in GF’s Taobao Shopping Cart as a Surprise Gift


Guys, I think we have just found the sweetest (and smartest) boyfriend of the year 2020.

As boyfriends, we all want to get our girlfriends the best gifts ever.

But there’s only one problem:?what do they want?

If you’re always playing guessing games with your girlfriend on what to eat for dinner (pre-Covid-19), you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

This dude that we’re going to talk about, however, has a present-giving game on another level.

Instead of trying to guess what his girlfriend wants, he simply went into his GF’s Taobao account…

And Emptied Out Her Entire Shopping Cart

No, not this way.

Image: Giphy

This way.

Image: Tenor

In a Facebook post, the boyfriend, Andrew YQ, shared how he decided to surprise his girlfriend buy checking out everything in her shopping cart.

Image: Facebook

He shared that he has been with his girlfriend for more than 8 years, and doesn’t know what surprise to give her anymore.

Which is why he decided to just check out everything in her Taobao cart.

Judging by how she moved in the video he had uploaded along with the post:

Image: Facebook

It seems like she’s pretty happy that he did it.

I mean, who wouldn’t when on places like Taobao, shopping cart doubles up as a wishlist?

Image: Facebook

By the way, when he said “empty”, he meant it.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Here’s a look at the unpacked version of what he checked out:

Image: Facebook

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And why do I think he’s the smartest?

Because not only did he buy his girlfriend what she wants and surprised her, he did it on Taobao, the e-commerce website known for its cheap prices.

Granted, the amount might’ve added up to quite a bit, but hey, at least you get more out of it too, no?


Meanwhile, other girls online are hoping that their boyfriends will do it for them too:

Image: Facebook

It’s always other people’s boyfriends.

Image: Facebook

I wish my boyfriend can do the same.

Image: Facebook

To BF: Please love me this way.

Would you do this for your girlfriend?

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