You Can Soon Have a Staycation in an Old MRT Train

Were you ever super hungry before on an MRT train but had to curb your hunger for fear of the $500 eating fine?

Or were you ever super sleepy before on an MRT ride but so afraid of dozing off on your neighbour’s shoulder?

Well, now you can eat and sleep to your heart’s content in Tiny Pod’s new MRT train hotel come September 2024.

Tiny Pod, Singapore’s first-ever Co-Living Train Hotel

On 11 April, Tiny Pod unveiled this new MRT train concept.

Image: Tiny Pod

This is their latest resort in their suite of container hotels. Supported by JTC Corporation, this resort uses old decommissioned MRT train cabins and transforms them into a boutique living resort, combined with snazzy bathtubs and the like.

Who knows, perhaps you have even commuted on that particular train before.

The resort is located at the carpark next to Block 69 Ayer Rajah Crescent and it’s a short 5-minute walk from one-north MRT, so you can even imagine you’re on an MRT train hearing all those train track sounds for those train enthusiasts.

Image: Tiny Pod

Hey, I don’t judge.

What can Guests expect?

The train resort features a total of eight rooms, with an attached bathroom for each room.

Guests can expect MRT train maps and classic white handrails (that you are now so comfortable to hold, knowing they are now clean).

Image: Tiny Pod

The previously off-limits driver’s cabin will now also be shown in all its glory, complete with LCD panels depicting the train’s past journeys. Kind of like the previous life of the train so guests can wax nostalgia over the kilometers the train has traveled.

Again, for those train enthusiasts.

Asides from the MRT train themed amenities, guests can look forward to vending machines, bicycle racks and repurposed old MRT seats as benches outside the resort.

Hopefully, the public will get used to seeing a MRT train carriage situated in the middle of a park later this year.

Sustainability efforts to reduce wastage

“By transforming underutilised spaces into unique accommodation experiences, we unlock new revenue streams and minimise our environmental footprint. This endeavour aligns seamlessly with evolving consumer preferences, where conscientious travellers seek authentic and eco-friendly alternatives,” said Tiny Pod Pte Ltd Founder & CEO Mr Seah Liang Chiang.

With a focus on sustainability and repurposing old MRT train cabins, Tiny Pod aims to create a sustainable resort hotel while maximising revenue streams.

While this is not a new green idea or public-transport themed hotel, with The Bus Collective repurposing old buses into resorts, this is the first MRT train resort.

So for those eco-conscious Singaporeans and tourists (let’s also not forget our train enthusiasts), do keep a look out for Tiny Pod’s new MRT train resort opening its doors September 2024.