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Starfield War Relics quest guide

Aliens, ghosts, robots. What's next?

The player looks at Kaiser, who has ran out of power in Starfield
Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

Now that you’ve been given the location of Hadrian’s research team in Starfield, it’s time to go about retrieving them and getting this Terrormorph-shaped show on the road in the 'War Relics' quest. The research team doesn’t quite look as you expect, though, and you’ll wind up tying more loose ends in the process.

Thus far, UC Vanguard’s faction quests have had us meeting all type of folk, as well as hostile aliens. Now, well be befriending robots. So, let’s waste no time at all! Here’s how to complete the UC Vanguard ‘War Relics’ quest in Starfield.

Starfield War Relics quest guide

To kick off the ‘War Relics’ quest, go and speak to Hadrian in the Red Devils Headquarters and inform her that her research team, Kaiser, has been found.

The player speaks with Hadrian about having found her research team in Starfield
Tell Hadrian that Kaiser has been found. | Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

You’ll then need to follow Hadrian over to a shelf, where she will then give you Kaiser’s schematics. She’ll also inform you of the phrase you need to say to be able to speak with Kaiser, and that’s “Nos Belli Machinis.”

Now, it’s time to track down the machine. Make your way to the 1-Of-A-Kind-Salvage on the planet of Niira and head inside to speak with NPC, Gel.

The player speaks with Gel in the 1-Of-A-Kind-Salvage garage in Starfield
Gel will sell you the details of Kaiser’s location for 1000 Credits. | Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

He’ll tell you that Kaiser is pretty much missing in action after going to hunt a Siren, but will give you his location for the small fee of 1000 Credits which we chose to pay. You can also persuade Gel to hand over Kaiser’s location.

The player looks at Kaiser, who has ran out of power and is covered in small creatures in Starfield
Kill the creatures on Kaiser to remove them. | Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

With the location acquired, head outside and make your way to Kaiser, and be careful to avoid - or kill - any Sirens along the way. When you reach Kaiser, you’ll find him covered in small eel-like creatures; remove them from his body by shooting them, and remember to say the phrase “Nos Belli Machinis” to him so you can converse.

It’ll then become apparent that this particular robot has no power left, and needs a new Microcell. Return to Gel in the 1-Of-A-Kind-Salvage and update him on your situation, where you’ll be met with another choice.

A MIcrocell in the 1-Of-A-Kind-Salvage store in Starfield
You can also spend some time learning to make a Microcell, if you wish. | Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

You can pay up 12000+ Credits for a new Microcell, or spend some time learning to make one. We had Credits to burn at this point, so we paid up and returned to Kaiser to fit him with the new Microcell.

You can then speak with Kaiser, who is happy to help with our assignment provided that we help him finish up his quest to kill some Sirens first. Follow Kaiser, killing any Sirens along the way until he stops at a nearby ridge. He’ll want to take care of something known as Unit 99, but the area it is kept in is patrolled by Ecliptics.

The player speaks with Kaiser about Unit 99 in Starfield
Following this conversation, breach the Ecliptic camp and kill everyone there. | Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

Advance towards the small Ecliptic camp and kill them all. Unit 99, another Siren, will escape its cage and also need to be killed. Once that’s complete, speak to Kaiser, who’s work here is finished. He will then happily help us, and advises he will meet us on our ship.

You can now feel free to return to the Red Devils HQ. Kaiser will arrive with us regardless of whether he is on your ship when you depart or not. Listen to the conversation between Kaiser, Hadrian, and the Doctor, and your quest to rescue Kaiser will be concluded.

Now, it’s time to see what UC Vanguard’s next assignment, ‘Hostile Intelligence’ is all about.

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