Peach Garden at Thomson Plaza Resumes Operations After Its Suspension Was Lifted


Last month, Chinese restaurant Peach Garden at Thomson Plaza, which is popular for its free-flow dim sum, faced a suspension of its license after 58 individuals reported falling sick from consuming its food.

Image: Peach Garden

If you miss the food there, fret not; the suspension has since been lifted.

Suspension Lifted Following Compliance Measures

Following an investigation into the gastroenteritis outbreak, which affected patrons between 17 April and 21 April, two individuals were hospitalized but later discharged. The SFA then ordered the restaurant’s closure on April 22.

On May 20, the suspension was lifted, allowing the establishment to resume operations.

The restaurant has also posted a Facebook post to promote its School Holiday Dim Sum Feast, which is also available in the Peach Garden outlet.

Compliance Measures and Additional Steps

During the suspension period, Peach Garden adhered to measures outlined by the SFA. These included disposing of ready-to-eat, thawed, and perishable food items, along with thorough cleaning and sanitization of premises and equipment.

Additionally, all food handlers underwent and passed the Food Safety Course Level 1, and food hygiene officers completed the Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) Conduct Food and Beverage Hygiene Audit course. The restaurant also took further steps, such as replacing its ice machine, steamer, and light fixture cover.

Ongoing Surveillance and Enforcement

Despite the resumption of operations, Peach Garden remains under close surveillance by the SFA to ensure continued adherence to food safety regulations. Violators of food hygiene regulations face fines of up to $2,000, with repeat offenders subject to daily fines of up to $100 after conviction.

The SFA emphasized that food safety is a shared responsibility and urged food operators to maintain good hygiene practices.

The public was encouraged to report any instances of poor hygiene to the SFA via its online feedback form.