Everything You Need to Know About the NTUC x NDP Bay Celebrations During National Day

As August rolls closer, every Singaporean must be bouncing off the walls, and that’s totally not because of the long weekend due to National Day falling on a Friday this year (like, FINALLY); it’s the next public holiday after almost two months without one.

Some of y’all might want to jet off to your next travel destination, but hold your horses and stay Home because there will be something new this year, right here in Singapore.

National Day Parade

But before that, of course, you need to know about the National Day Parade.

Starting with the yearly event, this year’s NDP would be on the Padang (are we surprised?).

Credit: NDP 2024 Executive Committee

The NDP 2024 celebrations will encompass the theme “Together, As One United People”. The pre-parade will comprise performances by local artistes, as well as the Red Lions. The Parade and Ceremony segment will highlight a combined Military Tattoo comprising the SAF Band and four Secondary Schools’ Bands.

Crowd favourites such as the choir music video, the State Flag Flypast, Salute to the Nation, and the Presidential Gun Salute will also be part of the parade. You can also look forward to the Total Defence 40 (TD40) Dynamic Defence Display (D3)!

#ICYMI, NDP 2024 will be complemented by the NTUC x NDP Bay Celebrations at the Promontory @ Marina Bay, which you probably didn’t expect.

No, it’s not NTUC FairPrice the supermarket; it’s NTUC, the Labour Movement.

And it’s not at the Padang, but somewhere very nearby.

NTUC x NDP Bay Celebrations

The NTUC x NDP Bay Celebrations is part of the extended NDP 2024 celebrations in collaboration with NDP 2024 EXCO.

Taking place on the Promontory @ Marina Bay on 3 August and 9 August, the event will feature an exciting lineup of performances by local artistes.

Here is the list of artistes that are going to be performing:

  • Iman Fandi, who sang “Bunga Sayang” at NDP 2023
  • Shye, who sang “The Road Ahead” at NDP 2021
  • Yung Raja, a rapper/ songwriter
  • 53A, a music band that sang the NDP songs in 2016 and 2023
  • ShiLi and Adi, musical duo
  • DJ Red, a DJ (duh)
  • AEONA, a singer
  • The Jazzlings, a young jazz collective

On top of that, there will also be a showcase of youths from different walks of life. Some of you might know them, such as Ong Yi Ting, who is a content creator who focuses on preserving dialect (you might have seen her greeting you in Hokkien), or Rhyhan Astha, who is both a business researcher and musician.

Other than Yi Ting and Rhyhan, Rishma Theru, a bank segment manager who works with migrant workers and is also a Union Leader, and Leong Sijun, an artist with a passion for painting, will be at the event.

With such a diverse cast, the event aims to truly show the innovativeness of youths today and what that means for the future of Singapore.

Of course, we can’t forget about the Youth Organising Committee, made up of youths from different institutes of Higher Learning, who worked very hard to bring this event to fruition.

So basically, yes, a very youth-centric event!

Celebration of Singaporean Youths?

So, what’s so special about the NTUC x NDP Bay Celebrations?

With the tagline #EveryYouthMatters, NTUC is shining a spotlight on Singaporean youth today, reaffirming its commitment to co-create a future where every youth is supported and uplifted.

The Bay Celebrations will highlight NTUC’s dedicated efforts to support youths’ aspirations in the critical areas of Work, Live, and Play.

The celebrations will showcase various initiatives implemented by NTUC, such as the NTUC Starter Membership, NTUC Youth Taskforce, and Young NTUC’s Mentorship and Career Programmes.

Credit: NTUC

Ms Natasha Choy, Executive Secretary of Young NTUC and Co-Chairperson of the NTUC x NDP Bay Celebrations Organising Committee said, “In line with this year’s NDP 2024 theme, ‘Together, as One United People,’ NTUC is celebrating and empowering our youth by creating opportunities that bring them and the nation together.

“By organising the NTUC Bay Celebrations, we aim to highlight the energy, spirit, and potential of young Singaporeans through engaging activities and meaningful interactions, demonstrating our care for youth and belief that #EveryYouthMatters.”


Apart from showcasing budding local talents, the NTUC x NDP Bay Celebrations will include a symbolic moment, “In a Heartbeat” (yes, like the NDP Song), where participants can demonstrate their solidarity with each other and express their love for Singapore as One United People LED lights will pulsate from attendees’ wristbands with a rendition of “Home” performed by singer-songwriter Shye, a jazz collective, The Jazzlings, and DJ Red.

The NTUC Bay Celebrations will also feature “Ties That Bind” – an interactive installation where attendees can pen their wishes and aspirations for Singapore onto cards!

A “Youth Heartbeat” photo challenge will be rolled out on 24 June 2024 and will run till 9 August 2024.

Submit photos of yourselves posing with a heart gesture. Selected pictures will then be used to form a video collage that will be played during the NTUC Bay Celebrations’ symbolic moment! So come dressed in red and white, snap a photo with your loved ones at the photo booths!

Credit: NTUC

Here is the link to submit your photos.

Credit: NTUC

Attendees will also be invited to capture fun moments at the Photobooth and “Memory Lane” installation. They can then keep their pictures as souvenirs or hang them on the “Memory Lane” installation.

This functions as a collective memory board, capturing the collective experiences of the attendees!

How to get tickets?

The Bay Celebrations highlight NTUC’s dedicated efforts to supporting youths’ aspirations in the key areas of Work, Live and Play.

How does one even attend this event?

Here’s the thing: it’s different from the NDP tickets.

The ticket applications for this event open on 24 June 2024 and close on 8 July 2024 at noon. The ballot results will be emailed on 15 July 2024, and ticket collection will be from 19 to 21 July at Great World.

All Singaporeans and PRs can apply, but only a limited number of tickets will be handed out over the two days.

For those unable to get tickets for the actual NDP, don’t fret—there will be a live broadcast of the parade at the NTUC Bay Celebrations. You can even catch the aerial displays, maritime highlights and fireworks happening right around the Marina Bay precinct!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for yours now!

Here is the link to apply.

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with NTUC.