Viral TikTok Shows Migrant Workers Enjoying Singapore’s Museum of Ice Cream

Singapore’s migrant workers have toiled hard to build up and support our country. Yet despite this, we frequently see news of mistreatment, misfortune, and just plain harassment.

As such, it’s good to see at least some of them get a nice reward in the form of a tour of the Museum of Ice Cream.

Migrant Workers Tour Museum of Ice Cream

The outing took place on 28 April, organised by Westlite Mandai dormitory to celebrate the upcoming Labour Day on 1 May.

Months later, Westlite posted photos of the trip to TikTok on 6 July, going viral immediately. It obtained over 37,800 likes by 10 July.

Dressed in smart casual, they enjoyed the Museum of Ice Cream’s many features. They posed against backgrounds more pink than a Barbie commercial.

Image: TikTok (@westlite.mandai)

One of the migrant workers had fun burying himself snugly in the Sprinkle Pool, leaving only his face showing.

Others were all smiles for the photos, raising their arms outstretched in the Museum’s Rainbow Tunnel.

Image: TikTok (@westlite.mandai)

Of course, no trip to the Museum of Ice Cream is complete without savouring the titular delicious dessert.

The workers happily tucked into cones and small containers, some raising them for a group selfie.

Image: TikTok (@westlite.mandai)

80 Migrant Workers Participated in Museum Trip

In a Facebook post by Centurion Corporation, which manages the Westlite dormitories, they revealed that 80 migrant workers total participated in the sweet trip.

They escaped the “blistering heat” of the ever-torturous Singapore weather and had fun doing activities together and cooling off with unlimited ice cream treats instead.

Notably, a heatwave scorched Southeast Asia at the time. Temperatures got dangerously high, with Singapore escaping with relatively cooler maximum temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius. I’m surprised all the HDBs didn’t just melt into a puddle.

After the visit, our Westlite residents enjoyed a delicious Chicken and Vegetarian Biryani lunch and cold drinks.

Netizens Impressed by Wholesome Event

The TikTok post received much positive attention from netizens.

“This is honestly so pure and [genuinely] cute.” One netizen wrote.

Source: Facebook (@Centurion Corp)

“Boys day out.” Another commented.

The Museum of Ice Cream SG TikTok also joined in, saying, “the most wholesome scoops”.

Migrant workers perform backbreaking manual labour in a hot and humid country like Singapore. It’s great to see some of them having a good time relaxing and playing as well.

Goody Feed has reached out to Centurion Corporation for comments.

As for the Museum of Ice Cream itself, it’s a branch of an American company located at 100 Loewen Road near Dempsey Hill. Tickets start from S$35.

Perhaps you and your friends can have a “boys’ day out” like them? Just hope you don’t mind pink.