Miss Singapore Universe Now Also Open to S’poreans Who Are Married, Divorced or Have Children

(Wait, what? You mean this was not already the case?)

In a move that, quite frankly, should have happened ages ago, the 2024 Miss Universe Singapore (MUS) competition is opening its doors to a wider range of contestants.

Yes, you heard that right – if you’re married, divorced, or have kids, you can still strut your stuff on the stage. Also, there’s no upper age limit anymore. About time, right?

Previously, the pageant was limited to single women aged between 18 and 28 who have never been married.

As of July 2024, as long as you’re at least 18, based in Singapore, and have been living here for at least six months before 1 September 2024, you’re in the running.

Just one tiny snag – you still got to be at least 1.68m tall apparently.

Changing the Face of Pageantry

This refreshing – and perhaps overdue – change aligns with the Miss Universe Organisation’s global efforts to be more inclusive.

Elaine Daly, the national director of MUS and Miss Universe Malaysia 2003, summed it up: “This competition is more than just a crown. It’s a platform to inspire and advocate for causes close to your heart.”

In other words, it is about time we celebrate diverse experiences and empower women from all walks of life.

The Miss Universe Singapore 2024 pageant is being co-organised by Beyond Entity, a Malaysian firm with more than ten years of expertise in pageantry, alongside King Kong Media Production, a regional entertainment company led by Singaporean actor Mark Lee.

Mark Lee also sees the potential for these contestants to make a splash in the entertainment industry.

“We are seeking not just beauty queens but future actresses as well, following in the footsteps of many renowned actresses who began their journeys as beauty queens,” he said.?

Mediacorp actresses Cheryl Chou, who won MUS in 2016, and Rebecca Lim, Miss Photogenic and Top 5 of MUS 2005, both transitioned to successful acting careers after their pageant days.

Entrepreneur Priyanka Annuncia won MUS 2023, while Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua was crowned Miss Universe 2023 at the pageant in El Salvador in November 2023.

With this broader pool of contestants, the stage is set for even more talents to emerge.

Interested in joining this historic change? You can head over to their website to sign up right now. As of 10 July 2024, you still have about 16 days left!

On top of the aforementioned change, there are still requirements for potential participants to adhere to.


To name a couple: Participants must have resided in Singapore for at least six months prior to 1 September 2024 and possess a Singaporean passport valid until at least 1 June 2024. Participants should also be able to communicate in English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, or Tamil, and embody the values of Miss Universe Singapore, including confidence, strong work ethics, commitment, professionalism, talent, grace, and beauty.

The winner of MUS 2024 will not only walk away with S$10,000 but also get the honour of representing Singapore at Miss Universe 2024 in Mexico this September.?