McDonald’s Responded After Announcing The Removal of Whipped Cream from Their Frappe


If you are a McDonald’s fan, you may have heard about the new change to some drinks sold at McDonald’s.

And this change is not a great one.

How can you remove the whipped cream from the frappes?!

It seems like netizens are seeing red after the chain announced its change in how they serve their frappes.

Here is more about what is going on with the beloved Golden Arches.

McDonald’s Announced That Their Frappes Would Not Come With Whipped Cream From 12 October 2023

About two days ago, McDonald’s took to their social media platforms to announce that they would stop serving whipped cream with their frappes.

In a cheery post on Instagram, the iconic double chocolate frappe was shown without the usual white fluffy top. Instead, the chocolate sauce was drizzled directly onto the top of the brown frappe.


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We have to say that it hurts our hearts to see the frappe so “naked”.

According to the post, the frappes would be “served without whipped cream” starting from 12 October 2023.

However, despite the lacking “essential ingredient”, McDonald’s promised that the frappe would retain the “same fun, delicious taste”.

Netizens Are Unhappy With the Change

Whatever could have spurred this sudden change? It seems like McDonald’s didn’t hear of the phrase “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.

Understandably, netizens are up in arms about the change.

Many took to the social media sites of the platform to bombard it with questions about why the change occurred.

On the Facebook page, where the announcement of no-more-whipped cream was also made, several netizens were seen questioning if the removal of the beloved dairy topping was a cost-cutting measure.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)
Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)

Some even questioned if the price of the frappe would decrease if an ingredient were no longer added.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)

The Reason Is to Reduce Overall Saturated Fat Content

Since then, The Straits Times spoke to McDonald’s, who shared that the removal of whipped cream on its frappes was to “reduce the overall saturated fat content in the drink”

It seems that McDonald’s is trying to be healthier. Apart from the whipped cream removal, the frappe recipes were also “tweaked for lower sugar” but without changing the taste.

Hmm, could this have anything to do with our Health Promotion Board’s ongoing initiative to label drinks with the NutriGrade label?

Whatever the reason, we’re sad to see the whipped cream go, but we’re sure our bodies will thank us for that.