Puzzle Fighter is Coming Back & Surprisingly, S’pore is 1 of the 6 Countries to be Launched

Just last Friday, I was writing about the new Nokia 3310 and now, there is a new Puzzle Fighter game—an updated iteration of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo—available on Android and Apple devices.

Puzzle Fighter?

Does that name ring a bell?

How about the term—hadouken?

YES, the tile-matching puzzle game we all used to play (I used to play it on Sega Saturn) and choose characters from Street Fighter and Night Warriors.

Image: giantbomb.com

My go-to character has to be Hsien-Ko, the badass corpse.

Image: pinterest.com

She doesn’t look badass here but they make every character look cute in that game!

Okay sorry, I didn’t mean to type out my inner thoughts.

Part of the soft launch- Puzzle Fighter is available only in 6 countries, including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico and, yes, Singapore!

Go download it now!

Looking at the promo, it looks like the characters have gotten a less than flattering 3D facelift. But it did give me goosebumps when the iconic Capcom logo came on the screen with its signature music.

I like the effort they put in to keep the minute details such as the player’s monologue before the battle starts.

This time around, you can battle other players around the world, personalise your favourite characters, choose iconic battle arenas we are familiar with, and it looks like they have added new characters such as Dante from Devil May Cry—sweet!

Just checked out the ratings on the app store and it looks promising.

Image: iTunes app store

What a time to be alive as a 90s kid.

BRB, going to download it now.

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