Why People Are Making Friendship Bracelets Ahead of Taylor Swift’s Concert

Ever since The Eras Tour started in March 2023, hundreds of thousands of Taylor Swift fans have been making friendship bracelets to trade at her concert.

This trend started after her October 2022 album Midnights featured the song “You’re On Your Own, Kid”.

Taylor Swift’s music is often praised for its lyrics and she is known to write amazing bridges. “In the bridge of You’re On Your Own, Kid,” Taylor Swift says “so make the friendship bracelets // take the moment and taste it.”

And fans took that literally.

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Legions of fans around the world have been making bracelets to trade with others, with some showing up to her concerts with hundreds to trade.

Friendship bracelets made for the concert typically contain the title of one of the star’s songs, a lyric, or something she has said before.

Image: Kimi Tan

Making and trading bracelets has become a key part of the concert experience for many, allowing them to meet and interact with other fans.

It’s basically barbieland in the stadium with thousands of people dressed in pink, purple, and other colours associated with Taylor Swift and her albums.

Almost a year later, it seems friendship bracelets have become more creative and complicated, even requiring tutorials on how to make them.

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Because of this trend, craft shops have also benefitted. People’s Park Centre is home to many craft shops that sell a variety of beads, and these shops have been seeing an increase in sales since the trend began last year.

Case in point: Swiftonomics.

Some fans have also begun selling bracelets they’ve made, perfect for those who struggle to make dainty jewellery or simply do not have the time to do so.

Businesses Jumping on This Trend

Several local accessories businesses have jumped on the bandwagon, and have released promotions and special bracelet-making events.

Craft studio At Twenty One is one such firm. Its founder, Ms Flora Huang, said she realised that the demand for bracelet-making sessions at the studio began to rise the moment Swift announced her tour dates here, Today reported.

Previously, the store saw an average of five customers a day, but this increased to about 16 to 20 customers a day since the tour dates were released.

The store initially released bracelet activities for friends and couples to make bracelets, who wouldn’t make that many bracelets in a single session. However, with the new friendship bracelet trend courtesy of Taylor Swift, fans have been going to the studio to make lots of bracelets, allowing them to offer promotions.

The studio’s original price is $5 for a bracelet.

Under their new promotion, which will run from 1 March to 8 March, Taylor Swift fans can make their first bracelet at $5, and pay a dollar less for subsequent bracelets.

Two Haidilao Singapore outlets (City Square Mall and Bedok Mall) also offer friendship bracelet making stations where diners can try their hand at making bracelets for free.

Last November, Frank by OCBC held a special screening of the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie, and attendees could make friendship bracelets there too.

Make Your Own Bracelets

With less than a week to the superstar’s concert, you may be rushing to make bracelets.

Since beads you order online probably won’t arrive in time for you to begin crafting, here are some craft shops you can visit in Singapore to get your supplies.

  • Shinobeads (101 Upper Cross Street, #02-56A, People’s Park Centre, 058357)
  • Beads and Crafts (101 Upper Cross St, #02-59, People’s Park Centre, 058357)
  • E Crystal (101 Upper Cross Street, #01-38, People’s Park Centre, 058357)
  • Elsie Departmental Store (Blk 709 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8)

Alternatively, you can visit At Twenty One (100D Pasir Panjang Rd, #05-11, 118520) and make your bracelets there.

Have fun making bracelets and remember to bring them to the concert to trade with other swifties!