Domino’s Pizza Now Has Volcano Pizza, With Cheese As Its “Lava”

Chinese New Year is almost here, and you know what that means — reunion dinners where you’ll be interrogated on your relationship status and house visits with endless questions about your plans for the future.

So, why not stay home and order in instead? Goody Feed has some good lobang?for you — the all-new Cheese Volcano Pizza from Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza Introduced the Cheese Volcano Pizza in Two Flavours

You might be thinking: Cheese Volcano Pizza is?simi?

Well, it’s literally what it says it is — a good old Domino’s pizza with a volcano at its centre, with cheese as its ‘lava’.

It’s a literal eruption of flavour.

Image: Domino’s Pizza

Wah… Mouth watering already sia.

The hot liquid cheese centre functions as a dip — you can dunk your pizzas in, dunk your sides in, or even have it on its own if you’re a cheese lover.

The cheese centre is made from quality cheddar cheese and a special cheese sauce. Yes, you read that right — a special cheese sauce. What else could you possibly want?

The all-new Cheese Volcano Pizza is available in two flavours — the Cheese Volcano Hawaiian Paradise and the Cheese Volcano Beef Pepperoni.

Whether you’re pro-pineapples-on-pizza or anti-pineapples-on-pizza, there’s an option for you.

Image: Domino’s Pizza
Image: Domino’s Pizza

If you’re getting the Cheese Volcano Hawaiian Paradise, you’re not just ordering a plain old pizza. What you’re ordering is a sensory thrill — with each mouthful, you’ll get the richness of the cheese centre, the succulent chicken breast and chicken ham with juicy pineapples.

Opt for the Cheese Volcano Beef Pepperoni instead, and you’ll get the most heavenly combination of the savoury cheese centre and the delicious beef pepperoni.

What’s not to love about the new Cheese Volcano Pizzas? Not only are they delicious, they’re pretty Instagram-worthy as well.

Prices for the Cheese Volcano Pizza start from $33.90 for a 12″ large pizza.


Domino’s Pizza’s I-Heart-You Chocolate Lava Cake

Not sure what to get for Valentine’s Day? Why not treat your significant other to Domino’s Pizza’s I-Heart-You Chocolate Lava Cake?

It’ll be sweet — literally and figuratively.

In theme with the Cheese Volcano Pizza, the I-Heart-You Chocolate Lava cake is a moist chocolate cake with a gooey chocolate centre that serves as the ‘lava’.

And as the name suggests, the cake comes in the shape of a heart.

Image: Domino’s Pizza

You can get your hands on the dessert for just $9.50 each or $7.50 if you order it as an add-on with a pizza purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and try Domino’s Pizza’s newest menu items now!