Dad Who Has Passed Away Sent Scheduled Email to Daughter to Plan Surprise for Wife


Imagine working late at night until 3 am in the morning. It’s dark, and you’re the only one awake in your entire house.

*Bleep bloop* email notification comes in.

Who tf sends an email at 3-flipping-am? Must be some scammer or spam mail. Wait a minute. This name… It’s Dad.

Impossible. He passed away 10 months ago.

That was the exact scenario Aly Mendoza found herself in about a month ago. After a mini-heart attack, she left the email alone.

Two days later, she opened the email to finally see what’s the email about.

But buckle up my readers, this isn’t a story where you start grabbing your blanket. It’s a story where you take the box of tissues and prepare your cheek muscles.

It Contained Instructions For Her Parents’ Anniversary Celebration This Year… And More

They were supposed to celebrate their 25th silver wedding anniversary together on 10 June 2020.

Before her father passed away, he had planned everything, all outlined in the email.

He contacted and paid a florist with instructions to contact Mendoza on every 10 June, Valentine’s Day and 19 August (her mother’s birthday) in the coming years, to send details for the flowers to be sent her mother.

Mendoza is to reserve a restaurant of her mother’s choice for the three of them.

The meticulous email contained specific instructions for decoration, making sure her mother can go to the salon, and failsafe just in case certain messages to her mother are unable to be printed.

The email also revealed certain personality traits of her mother, like asking Mendoza to force her mother to pick if she asks Mendoza to choose, or that her mother might just order food.

It also contained a letter written specifically for her mother, with “all the words she needed to hear from him to be okay.”

As Mendoza’s original Facebook post wrote, “Not even death could stop my dad from loving my mom and showing her how much she meant to him.”

Tears are going to roll when you see the following pictures and videos, so here.

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On 10 June 2020, The Anniversary

The total prep started from 11 pm on 9 June, and finished at 5.30 am before her mother’s daily alarm at 6 am.

You can find more content of the prep work and their family photos on Mendoza’s Instagram stories.

White roses were special to her parents as her mother had two suitors in the past. Her mother had told herself that the one who gave her white roses was going to be “the one”. The flower bouquet also had pink roses because her mother loves light pink roses.

They appeared to have celebrated the anniversary in their homes. A video recording which you can view on the original Facebook post shows Mendoza’s mother crying with joy while looking at every single photo hung by air balloons.


Mendoza wrote that the joy in her mother’s face made everything worth it, as she could see how happy everything made her, knowing that everything was planned by her dad.

What a beautiful family.

Image; Tenor

Some pics from Mendoza’s Instagram:


The full story is coming to her YouTube channel soon.

**All images from Aly Mendoza unless otherwise stated.

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