$8 Off $88 + 2% on Final Checkout for COURTS’ 2.2 CNY Sale

Anyone else get the compulsive urge around Chinese New Year to get rid of old stuff lying around the house and buy a whole bunch of new items?

No, just me?

Nonetheless, when the CNY songs start blasting through the speakers in every shopping mall, it is admittedly hard to not get into the festive spirit and spend some of that sweet moolah you have acquired over the last year.

And COURTS has a deal of a lifetime for you.

What better way to welcome Year of the Dragon than to deck your house with brand new items from COURTS’ 2.2 and CNY Online Promotions?

From 22 January to 10 February, shoppers can enjoy $8 off with every $88, plus additional 2% on 1 February to 3 February upon final checkout with promo code 2HUAT.

Sounds like a very HUAT deal of a lifetime, no?

The promotion is only 20 days long (haha.. , get it..?), so be sure to study up on what you can get your hands on as early as possible!

A Sneak Preview!

In light of the increased GST from 8% to 9%, we are all in dire need for some affordable goods, and that’s where COURTS comes into play.

What are some of the items you can get at a discounted price?



Original Price: S$228.00
Selling For: S$208.00

Savings: S$20
Discount: 9%

Now I know there are some of you out there who have been wanting to dip your toes into the “hipster” lifestyle by using Polaroid cameras.

And now, you can finally try your hand at old school photography with the Polaroid Go.

Touted as the smallest instant camera in the world to date, its compact and versatile design also boasts a larger aperture range, precise light sensor, and exposure settings for enhanced photo quality.

Despite its small size, it offers significant creative potential with features like a selfie mirror, self-timer, double exposure, and color filters.?

The best part? It’s now crafted from 30% recycled materials.

Snap lovely keepsakes of your friends and family while going on your CNY visits this year.



Original Price: S$79.00
Selling For: S$68.00

Savings: S$11
Discount: 14%

Of course, what is a CNY reunion dinner without STEAMBOAT?

The Morries MS-7000MC can hold up to seven litres of that delicious, delicious broth, enough to feed your entire family throughout the eve of the Lunar New Year.

There is no need to fight with your siblings over the fish roe balls as there is plenty of space for everyone’s favourite ingredients.

Even after the celebrations, it can also serve as a multi-cooker to keep your food warm, reheat your leftovers, cook other goodies, and of course, more steamboat.

Because who says you can’t have it more than once a year?



Original Price: S$202.90
Selling For: S$98

Savings: S$104.90
Discount: 52%

Maybe you might want to shake things up this New Year, and impress all of your visiting relatives with a barbecue instead.?

Mothers, don’t fret about any potential messes. Be it Korean barbecue or Mookata, you can say goodbye to smoke and oil splattering, thanks to innovative infrared cooking technology that preserves flavours, moisture, and nutrients.

The movable heating arm facilitates easy food handling, while the adjustable temperature knob ensures the perfect cooking temperature.

With a circular grooved pan that drains excess oil for healthier grilling, and a convenient design allowing for easy cleaning by removing the cooking plate and oil reservoir, this grill is a versatile and efficient addition to your kitchen this new year!

And HEY! It’s more than half price off! That’s a deal of a lifetime if you ask me.



Original Price: S$790.30
Selling For: S$628.00

Savings: S$162.30
Discount: 21%

For the chronic bakers of the family (looking at you, mom), you can save some of the backbreaking and strenuous labour of making CNY goodies with a brand new stand mixer.

The Cornell CSMEL688R comes with a powerful 600W motor and 8-speed functions to seamlessly knead the toughest of doughs, lighten your batters or form a stiff meringue base.

A 4.2L capacity and a 50° swivelling multi-function arm allow you to produce large amounts of pineapple tart batter without breaking a sweat.

It also comes with a splash guard to prevent the egg whites from flying everywhere.

Moreover, the robust colour of red adds a rather auspicious touch to your kitchen benchtop, don’t you think?



Original Price: S$189.90
Selling For: S$108.00

Savings: S$81.90
Discount: 43%

Lastly, Chinese New Year simply isn’t Chinese New Year without the (loud) cacophony of mahjong tiles shuffling across the tabletop.

If you happen to be looking for that perfect surface to summon all your pongs and gangs, the LS 9981 Khaki Zen Suede Mahjong Table might be the perfect fit for you.

“Why is it not green?” you may ask, but why not embrace a little modernity amidst our traditional festivities? With the classy colour of khaki as the backdrop, the mahjong tiles’ bright colours and patterns would stand out even more.

So, even when you get promptly destroyed by your grandmother five minutes into the game, you’d at least do it in style.

Even if you’re not using it as a mahjong table, it is still a convenient and stowable surface to have around your house.

(My parents repurposed a mahjong table as a “tuition table” when I was a kid, but we don’t talk about those days)

So what are you waiting for? Gear up for the Year of the Dragon with COURTS!

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This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with COURTS.