82YO Hawker in Commonwealth Sells Traditional Desserts for $1 a Bowl; Been Selling for Over 50 Years

Last Updated on 2023-07-06 , 8:56 am

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With inflation and a general rise in the cost of living, it’s no secret that eating out can feel like it costs an arm and a leg.

But recently, a hawker in the Commonwealth area was featured by food blogger JioBo for her desserts.

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And if you’re wondering what could be so special about local desserts, here’s all you need to know:

They’re priced at $1 per bowl.

(Or $1.20 if you get it to go, but you get my point.)

Hawker Has Been Running Her Stall for Over 50 Years

In the TikTok, JioBo highlighted how the hawker, who is 82 years old this year, has run the Xi Le Ting dessert stall for over 50 years.

Some customers interviewed by JioBo also said they have been frequenting the stall for decades.

Another customer talked about how the hawker wants to retire but has yet to do so.

When talking about her experience, the hawker mentioned that she runs her business alone and that her children are busy with their own careers.

The TikTok video also revealed interesting anecdotes about the hawker.

She shared that she only drinks kopi O kosong, coffee without sugar or milk.

(Despite owning a dessert shop.)

In the video, she did mention something about diabetes, though, so that might be the reason why.

Menu Only Has 4 Items; Prices Have Remained the Same since the Late 2000s

But let’s dive into the actual “meat” here: The desserts.

Xi Le Ting only offers four items on the menu: red?bean soup, cheng tng, green bean soup and sweet wheat porridge.

There are only hot options, but the sugar-conscious can opt for their bowls to be less sweet or have less syrup.

And for those who dig the nostalgic factor, you’ll be delighted to know that you get to eat these desserts out of traditional ceramic bowls.

As for the price, it has been consistent at $1 for over a decade.

The last time the hawker raised her prices was in the late 2000s, when the desserts cost $0.70 per bowl.

Hawker May Be Impatient When Ordering

Based on the Google Reviews for the stall, it seems like Singaporeans from all walks of life have been enjoying the stall’s desserts.

However, some reviewers touched on one thing: The hawker’s impatience.

One reviewer wrote, “Auntie is super impatient and fierce[,] so watch and learn while you queue.”

Image: Google Reviews

“[When it] is your turn, just order confidently and you will be alright. Don’t ask silly questions. But the dessert is so good[,] it is worth getting scolded for,” the user added.

But nonetheless, the 4.7/5 rating on Google is probably enough proof that the dessert stall is indeed worth visiting.

Even if it means getting scolded by an 82-year-old auntie.

Opening Hours and Address

And if you’re already grabbing your wallet and are jio-ing your friends to make a trip to the stall, here’s all you need to know before visiting it.

31 Commonwealth Cres, #02-70
(Located within Commonwealth Cresent Market and Food Centre)

Opening Hours
Fridays to Sundays
9 am to 2 pm