Coco Lee’s New Posthumous Song Will be Unveiled on 15 June 2024


Almost a year ago, it was announced that well-loved Hong Kong singer-songwriter, Coco Lee, had passed away on 5 July 2023 following a suicide attempt.

Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the late singer’s debut on 15 June, her sister announced that they would be releasing a posthumous song as a gift for Coco’s fans.

Bronze Statue to be Unveiled Along with New Song Release

Coco’s sister Nancy Lee announced that they will be unveiling a new bronze statue at her tomb in their ancestral hometown Wuhan.

The beloved singer was laid to rest at Shimen Peak Memorial Park in October 2023, where her family also set up a memorial garden in her memory.

Together with the new bronze statue being erected in her honour, Nancy also said that they are currently working with a record label to release songs that had been recorded before Coco’s unfortunate passing.

She Sang the Song with her Sister, Who Didn’t Dare Listen to it

Back in 2017, Coco and her two sisters Nancy and Carol, had covered the song “When Will I See You Again” in Chinese.


Coco loved the song and?had gotten a lyricist to fill in the Chinese lyrics of the song and the trio had even done a music video.

Speaking to the HK media, Nancy shared that she did not want to listen to the song after Coco had passed, stating that it was especially heartbreaking.

The song titled “Be Grateful for Today” will be released as a gift for Coco’s fans on 15 June 2024.

Coco’s Fans Share their Heartache

After fighting depression for years, the singer took her own life on 2 July 2023 and passed away three days later.

This took fans and many others by surprise as she passed away at the young age of 48 years old.

Celebrities like Michelle Yeoh published emotional tributes to the singer as they recalled her accomplishments and the impact she had on the music industry.

A year on, the heartache still lingers as many fans have expressed deep sadness in response to this news.

However, many are hoping that they will still be able to get these unreleased works with Warner Music label as a compiled album to remember her by.

Coco’s legacy will live on and hopefully, an album can be one more thing to remember her by.