Pet Cats Are Gathering at East Coast Park Every Sat & They Might Not Be Happy

It is common to see people walking their dogs at East Coast Park, but cats, on the other hand, are less frequently spotted.

That might be changing though because one cat lover decided to jio other cat owners to bring their own felines and have a gathering at the park.

Open Invite to the Cat Gathering

The initiative seems to have been started by a TikTok user who goes by the name “myloverlycats”. On 3 March, the user posted a video showing fellow cat owners who had gathered at the park to let their cats meet each other.

@myloverlycatsbring your cats to ecp every saturday for them to meet other furries! we are located at the siglap canal, nearest carpark is c4/d1 ! ???? Touch X Dougie Remix Challenge – Joshua Mijares

In the caption, there was an open invite for cat owners to join the Saturday evening gatherings which are located at the Siglap canal near carpark C4 and D1.

Since then, the user has been posting videos of the weekly gatherings, featuring adorable cats roaming around the grass.

Cats Everywhere

Most of the videos show the cats, true to their nature, lazing around on the grass while their human slaves trail after them, snapping photo after photo.

Of course, with so many furry felines roaming around, it’s just so difficult not to be obsessed with the adorable cats. Even those who didn’t bring their own cats are drawn to the scene to get pictures of the pets roaming around.

Some of the cat owners even brought picnic mats and tents, presumably to sit around while their cats enjoy a day out.

Being new to the outdoor environment, a few cats were seen climbing up trees for a nice rest in the shade.

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Not Safe for Cats

While the owners who join the gatherings are excited to take all their photos, others have voiced their worries about the gathering on the Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats Facebook page.

One user shared that “most cats would be afraid to be placed in an unfamiliar environment with so many new faces and no places to hide”. However, that is exactly what the gathering exposes them to.

Cats prefer being in familiar places and hence, being in a new environment can cause them to feel stressed. If exposed to other cats, they may also end up fighting due to their territorial nature.

Another user highlighted the dangers of exposing cats to new environments. She commented that cats will panic in new places and “bolt very fast”. Even if they are carried they will claw until they are released. This can be unsafe for both their owners and other people around them.

While others commented that cats at the gathering seem to have been trained well and the event appears to be safe, there is still ongoing dispute about the safety of the cats at such a gathering.

Because we here at Goody Feeds are run by cats, our feedback is that it should be a challenge to even bring a cat out to an unfamiliar place like the vet, much less an area that they’ve not seen before. You would know once you’ve tried to rehome a community cat.

Whether you frown upon the event or not, it’s most important to be a responsible paw-parent and take care of your furry friend well. After all, no one knows your cat better than you do.

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Featured Image: TikTok (myloverlycats)