There’s Now a Take-Yourself “Cai Png” Restaurant That Charges $3.98 Per 100g at Alexandra Road

Cai png?lovers, Goody Feed has some food?lobang?for you.

A new cai png?restaurant just opened on the second floor of Alexandra Retail Centre, and the good news is this: you can take whatever you want, however much you want, all on your own—as long as your wallet can handle it.

New Take-Yourself “Cai Png” Restaurant That Charges $3.98 Per 100g

Some days, we don’t feel like por-ing the cai png auntie to get a larger scoop of steamed egg.

Well, there’s now a solution to that. Presenting the newly-opened take-yourself?cai png?restaurant at Alexandra Retail Centre, Hundred Grains.

Image: Google Maps

Yes, you read that right. You can scoop whatever dishes you want in your?cai png?on your own.

To make things even better, rather than having the same few dishes you conventionally see at a?cai png?stall, Hundred Grains has a selection of up to 60 dishes for you to choose from.

Pick and eat until?shiok.

Just note not to go overboard on the vast spread of dishes at Hundred Grains. You’ll be charged by the weight of your food (regardless of whether it’s meat or vegetables)—at a whopping price of $3.98 per 100g.

And trust us when we say you’ll 100% be taking more than 100g of food. At Hundred Grains, you must purchase a minimum weight of 150g of cai png.

This will probably be the most expensive cai png?you’ll ever eat—more costly than the cai png?at the Shoppes’?kopitiam. It could even be the most expensive?cai png?in Singapore.

Fortunately, the rice and porridge aren’t counted towards the weight of your cai png; these are free flow alongside Hundred Grain’s beverages.

What Dishes to Look Forward to

You’ll love Hundred Grain’s dishes if you enjoy Sichuan, Hunan, and Guangdong food.

From spicy ginger chicken feet to mapo tofu, suffice it to say that the dishes at Hundred Grain are a step above your usual cai png?dishes.

Image: Google Maps

At dinner, to add to the usual dishes, Hundred Grains also provides diners with the option of other fruits and desserts, such as green bean soup, white fungus with gingko, and more!

It’s clear that Hundred Grain cares about its diners’ preferences. Aside from the variety of dishes, when it comes to your carbs, you even get to choose whether you want pearl rice, brown rice, or porridge.

And for drinks, you can choose from a rotated menu of pineapple, soursop, lime, wheatgrass, and roselle.

Prefer your drinks extra cold? There’s even an ice cube dispenser.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and head down to Hundred Grains now!

Hundred Grains is located at 460 Alexandra Road, Alexandra Retail Centre #02-20, Singapore 119963. They’re open from Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 3 pm, and 5 pm to 9 pm.