Woman in M’sia Broke Up With Her 27YO BF ‘Coz He Only Has About RM50K Savings


Sometimes, financial issues can really make or break a relationship.

And um, it really broke this one.

Having Only Five-Figures in Savings is Unacceptable

According to text thread that was shared anonymously to the Facebook Page MCN 亚娱, the Malaysian woman felt that having only five-figures in a saving account when her boyfriend was so close to the age of 30 was not enough to give her financial security.

Image: facebook.com (MCN 亚娱)
Image: facebook.com (MCN 亚娱)

To make sure that everyone is on the same page, here’s a quick translation of the conversation:

GF: I’ve thought about it for a long time, I think it’s better to go back to being friends. Let’s break up. You don’t need to come and fetch me tomorrow.

BF: ??? What do [you] mean. [We] were fine, why are [we] breaking up

GF: No sense of security at all. You’re 27-years-old and you’ve only saved up to 50 thousand, that’s not good enough. I was already thinking about breaking up before CNY, but I was scared that [my] relatives would keep asking why [I] don’t have a boyfriend, which is why I’m saying it now.

BF: …Wait for CNY to be over? What are you taking me for?

GF: I was being considerate and thinking that you had enough ah. What do you take me, only earning 4 to 5 thousand per month. Merely saving up that 50 thousand. My friends go to Hai Di Lao every day while you only bring me there once a month. I feel like I’m really wronging myself, feels like I deserve a better life.

BF: So this is because of money? How much money is considered enough?

GF: I don’t know. 50 thousand is too little, it’s like [you] can spend everything in one month. Do you understand, it feels very unsafe. I can’t see the life I want from you, apologies.

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Thoughts After the Conversation

What else can we say besides an “ouch” for the ex-boyfriend and a pat on the back?

There are more fishes in the ocean, and that goes for both of them.

For the girlfriend especially, considering her love for Hai Di Lao which seems to be overspilling from the phone screen.

Image: facebook.com (MCN 亚娱)

Apparently, the girlfriend measures the success of her significant other by the frequency she gets to eat at her favourite restaurant, whilst the boyfriend either needs to earn more or find a girlfriend who has lesser expectations with regards to economic status.

Truth to be told, I thought that the boyfriend’s ability to save money was quite impressive all things considered. There’s a little bit of pity for him too, to have the break-up planned beforehand….


Though is because she doesn’t want to face her relatives’ questioning, or did she want more?ang baos?

Unfortunately, this question will never have its answer.

Thus far, the Facebook post has been shared more than 11,000 times, with more than 6,100 comments.

Of course, this means that the comment section has no shortage of hilarious comments.

Netizens’ Reactions

One of the most liked comments read:

Image: facebook.com

“If I want the money, I’ll work hard and earn it myself.
A woman that relies on a man, what kind of woman does that count for?”

Gender equality at its finest people; if you want the luxury, it always feels better when you buy it with your own means and ability.

Image: facebook.com

The next one reads:

“Eating?Hai Di Lao?everyday. You might as well marry the boss directly. Then you can eat it everyday until you throw up.”

The next response says: “The boss might not necessarily like her her… opps.”

Image: facebook.com

Other netizens, however, voice their outrage:


“EXCUSE ME?? How inexplicable. If you want to eat?Hai Di Lao,?why must a boyfriend bring you there, can’t you earn money and eat it on your own? Miss, do you know how many 27-year-old men don’t even have 50k in their savings???????

Below that, another netizen opines: “The man deserves better. Having 50k at age 27 as an emergency is a bit lacking, but there are a lot of people outside who don’t even have 10k.”

In essence, they are indirectly criticising the girlfriend for not treasuring what she currently has, and for setting her expectations too high.

Naturally, there are other more crude comments that lambast the girlfriend for having the “princess syndrome” and wonder if she has the face, salary or personality to be worthy of that RM50K.

Meanwhile, other ladies in the comments joke about introducing the man’s contact details to them because they certainly wouldn’t mind dating him.


Regardless, this is the bad ending to a mundane love story.

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Featured Images: Facebook (MCN 亚娱)