Your bae and you need to have gone through these 15 milestones before marriage

Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 11:28 am

One look into your bae’s eyes, and you feel like she’s been into your soul. OK, that was way too cheesy.

What I MEANT to say was that your bae and you know each other so well, that all it takes is a look for her to know what’s on your mind.

Is she marriage material though? Here’s 15 milestones you should hit before you pop the question.

Your Friends and Family Love Her Too
There’s absolutely no reason to feel uncomfortable or edgy when you bring her out with the rest of your friends. Or spending a Saturday afternoon at home with her and your parents.

Bodily Functions Are No Longer Embarrassing
Farts, snorts and belches are part of your relationship. So stink up the room with a belching competition, because she’s going to jump in and probably outdo you!

Going all Punk’d On Each Other
You’ve taken her phone and posted a long compliment about yourself from her Facebook account. And she’s about to avenge that by posting a picture of your hairy legs on Instagram.

Your Wedding Reception Buddy
There’s no need for you to crack your head anymore on who to bring to your cousin’s wedding. It’s gotta be her, and her alone.

And she looks so hot in that strapless evening gown!

Being Blunt About Everything
No more lies about liking Scandal and Pretty Little Liars. Likewise, she’s going to tell you that she’s not interested that Louis van Gaal isn’t fired yet.

Your Relationship Posts are Everywhere
Your relationship status is no longer complicated, but in a relationship. There’s constant tags between the two of you when you upload couple pics.

Planning Your Home in IKEA
You came to grab some blankets and towels, but as you walk around, both of you start discussing about kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures and even pans to use.

Yes, the future home for the two of you looks pretty much perfect in your mind right now.

Dressed for Comfort
You know each other all too well now. There’s absolutely no need to dress up to a tee when you’re out together. A couple of white T-shirts and jeans, and you’re ready to roll!

Lovable Drunks
She loves the way you constantly laugh and crack jokes when you’re drunk. And you love how she turns all red and sheepish.

THE Fight
Having a serious fight will make the two of you reassess if it’s worth continuing, or if it’s time to move on. You’re not ready for marriage until you’ve survived a couple of these.

Girly Bedtime Things
She files her nails at the foot of the bed before slathering lotion on her feet. Next comes the colorful thick socks, before she lied down on the bed beside you.

Joint Workouts
A couple that can motivate each other to work out will definitely stay together. That’s because you can look past the sweatiness.

Taking a Trip Abroad
Now this is a surefire way to test if she’s the one. You’d be able to see how rattled or calm she can be when she’s in a new place. Vice versa too.

Money Talks
This is one sensitive topic, but it’s good to know how both of you manage money individually, and how you can work together to save for your future.

The Realization
You wake up in the morning with her next to you, and just now that she’s the one for you.

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