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Last Updated on 2018-03-13 , 10:22 am

We started out as a platform to educate our readers through entertaining and engaging articles, repackaging even the most boring contents into something palatable for the social media generation.

Recently, we have ventured into something that might interest you: informative, meaningful and entertaining videos that serve to fulfil our purpose: educating you through entertainment.

We are putting more focus into our videos, and YouTube is one of our key distribution channels.

Here’s what our YouTube channel aims to achieve: providing you with entertaining contents while conveying a message or useful information.

Now, if that has convinced you, do subscribe to our YouTube Channel here.

If not, here’s what you can expect from our channel.

At this moment, our channel comprises two main series: Message in a Video and Listicles That Make You a Little Smarter.

Message in a Video: Learning through Storytelling

In this series, you will learn about important life lessons that are meaningful and entertaining as well.

Like a video that implicitly tells you to handle an argument by understanding a person’s situation to the damages of humblebragging, you will take away lessons through entertaining contents. Some might make you laugh and some might make you cry, but all would carry an important message.

Listicles That Make You a Little Smarter. Just a Little.

In this series, we break down boring, yet important or interesting, information and repackage them into a video that’s entertaining and engaging, so you’ll become a smarter person.

Like a video that lists down all the 10 things your boss can’t do to you to 10 facts about your CPF, we’ve made them so easy to understand, you’ll think of the series as the Ten-Year-Series in your adult life.

Branded Contents

Now, because we need to pay our bills (and also because the boss wants a new BMW), we create contents for our clients who want their message to be spread to others.

Watch them when you’re free; if you’re not, please also watch them lah (we’re including this line because we’re certain many of our clients are reading this).

Do remember to subscribe to our channel! We are still new to this and we are very eager to learn. Feel free to give us your feedback to [email protected] , our production executive, and we would discuss every single constructive feedback during our meetings.

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