8 Ways to Fill Up The Awkward Silence When You Are On a Tinder Date

There’s nothing wrong with dating through Tinder. I know of many friends who have gotten attached because of the app and have been together for years now. The first step to meeting someone on the app is to know how to date them well?or have a great date so that you leave an impression – it’s easier to have follow-up dates from there anyway. But what happens when you run out of things to say, and there leave an awkward, empty silence? Here’s?how to stop that.

1. Look through their Facebook Page


I mean, since Tinder is connected to their Facebook, it’s so much easier to stalk them from there. Plus, some of them even leave their Instagram handles on the profile. So instead of looking down at both of your phones and scrolling through nothing, use the time efficiently by looking through their profiles.

2. Ask what they are going to order


Nothing to talk about? Then talk about food lor. You can even go through the entire?menu if you wish.

3. Talk about cats


Show them one of the cat videos on Facebook and they will be yours. SO CUTIE PATOOTIE.

4. Compliment them


Nothing works better than a compliment. Talk about their hair, or about the dress that they wore on the date. But be sure not to do it too excessively?in case they think you are obsessed with them.

5.?Talk about their experience on Tinder


This is your best bet on getting to know whether they are in for the real thing?or just a casual fling. That will also give you a good gauge on whether there will be a second date. If they are just in for the fun, then forget it. You deserve better.

6. Tell a joke



Here’s a piece of advice. Go and compile all the jokes you have heard and memorize them before going for a date, or even before meeting a client. Jokes save lives, and nothing better than a good laugh to get acquainted.


7. Talk about your friends’?experiences on Tinder


Well, this is also the best opportunity to show them there’s still hope in finding your soulmate on a social dating app. Alternatively, you can also share some of the horror stories you have heard to break the ice.

8. Talk about the movie


The best way to break the ice? Go on a movie date. It might sound traditional and boring but hey, at least you guys still have something to connect to? No?

This article was first published on Goodyfeed.com