8 good reasons why a couple must go for a trip at least once a year

Last Updated on 2016-05-21 , 1:52 pm

Travelling opens the mind and soul to many new experiences. However, it gets lonely or boring to travel alone with just friends and family sometimes, so why not take the opportunity to enhance your relationship with your significant other? There are some very important reasons why you should get-away with your girlfriend/boyfriend once in a while, many of which can only be done by travelling!

Creating unforgettable and unique memories together
It’s hard to do this in Singapore sometimes, what with thousands of other couples trying to get a piece of the action in our land-scarce island. Furthermore, there are only so many places you can go to in Singapore (which every other couple would have been to), so why not open up your options?

Spend on experiences, rather than material goods
Travelling is undoubtedly a luxury that you have to spend some money on, but if you don’t, that amount of money could easily go to other indulgences like clothes. However, an experience provides so much more value than the fleeting moment of happiness that a branded bag provides.

You become more adventurous
With the person you love most by your side, there is almost nothing you can’t do. Going on a trip together makes both of you better people, as you dare to try more and become braver.

You become more mature
Having collected more insights on other parts of the world, you become more appreciative of what you have. Taking care of each other along the way helps too.

You understand each other more
If you don’t have a trip together, you might not even have seen what they look like when they get ready to sleep or when they wake up in the morning. When travelling together, you start to understand and realise each other’s little quirks.

You learn to appreciate each other
Meeting for a day out is nothing compared to having the person by your side for a consecutive week.

Two is better than one
You learn that you can share your lives with each other, and your lives are so much the better for that.

You share the same goal for a while
It’s perfectly normal that both of you have different goals in life. However, when you travel together, you have the common goal of enjoying your trip and each other’s company. It’s nice to enjoy the feeling of being together and thinking alike sometimes!


Top Image:?Skrynnik Mariia / Shutterstock