7 innocent yet harmful things that a girlfriend should never do for her boyfriend, if not…

Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:42 pm

A loving girlfriend will want to let her maternal instincts flow unchecked and do everything for her boyfriend. However, for the good of your relationship in the long term, Goody Feed urge you to control your instincts and avoid doing these 7 seemingly innocent, yet harmful things for your boyfriend.

His housework
Never clean his house for him. Sure, you can wash a plate or two or pick up some trash, but never go all out in housekeeping mode. His house(or room) is his responsibility and by cleaning it for him, he’ll expect you to do it again in the future. Most guys have the habit of letting things go really messy and they?don’t give a shit about the mess, so you shouldn’t either. Unless it is getting so bad that you cannot be in the room without feeling extremely uncomfortable, tell him that you’re not going in until he has cleaned up. But never do it yourself.

Shaving for him
Be it his facial hair or anywhere yet, you should leave the shaving to him. One reason is you shouldn’t be his slave, and also, you might cut him because razors aren’t really designed to be held by a second person.

Cutting his toenails
Of course, nail clippers can be used by a second person but seriously, don’t be a slave to him and cut his toenails. Unless he has some physical difficulties, let him do it himself! And before you laugh, it has happened before. #TrueStory

Ironing his clothes
It is certainly okay if?you’re already ironing your own clothes and you decide to do it for him for the sake of convenience. But you should never?put down what you’re doing to help him iron a shirt. That’ll make you a maid. Before you know it, he’s asking you to wash his undies as well.?By hand.

Paying his bills
Personal bills are best paid by the person himself. Don’t pay his bills for him, and don’t make him pay your bills, either.

Paying for dates every time
If both parties are earning, then there’s no reason for one side to pay for the dates every time. You may?pay more when you’re already working but his sorry ass is still in uni because of NS. If not, then it is wiser to split the cost reasonably among both of you. Don’t make the guy pay for everything either!

Being his secretary
You have no obligations to arrange his schedule for him, and don’t peek?into his schedule either! Although you are a couple, both of you are still individuals responsible for yourselves.

The bottom line is, do not do anything that’ll make either of you overdependent on the other. Although being together means being able to depend on one another, if an attitude of reliance is created, both of you stand to lose by losing your individuality and independence. So, although you might feel like doing everything for your partner, please control yourself and refrain from doing so.

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